Fair Roulette

American Games

Game rules.


Variant of the historic French Roulette in which the speed of play is a fundamental characteristic.

To avoid disputes or errors, each player has a set of different colored tokens.

Winning bets are paid out as follows:
– Straight: 35 times
– Split: 17 times
– Corner: 8 times
– Street: 11 times
– Sixline: 5 times
– Dozen: 2 times
– Column: 2 times
– Even, Odd, Low (1/18), High (19/36),
– Red and Black (simple combinations): are paid 1 to 1.

When zero comes out, simple combinations lose half of their amount.
The payment of the winning combinations is made in a single solution.
The colored tokens (minimum 20 pieces) are purchased exclusively at the table, where they must be played and exchanged for tokens of value when you decide to stop playing or leave the table, even for a few minutes.

Colored chips exchanged the following day are worth their minimum value. Each player must keep their colored chips clearly in view on the table.
Furthermore, these chips are strictly personal and may not be given to third parties, thus avoiding disputes regarding the ownership of a stake. After the Rien ne va plus no more bets can be accepted.
No advances will be given and no called bets are accepted. Seats are reserved exclusively for players with colored chips. The minimum and maximum value of the stakes are displayed at each table. Customers owning a color must stake at least 4 chips every time they bet on multiple combinations (except for columns and dozen).

The stakes

Stakes with French-style chips are only accepted on:
– simple combinations
– series 5/8
– neighbors of zero
– orphans
– columns and dozens.

Players are invited to follow the progress of the game closely. Winning bets are determined solely by the position of the chip. The management is not responsible for any bets being moved. Matters pertaining to the game that are not covered in the rules, will be settled without right of appeal by the Gaming Management. A black “neutral” chip worth 10 CHF has been introduced and can be played on all the roulette tables.


Stakes placed on the Fair Roulette.


Multiple combinations

Straight up (En Plein) (A)
a single number: 35 to 1
Split (A Cheval) (B)
two neighboring numbers: 17 to 1
Corner (C)
four numbers together: 8 to 1
Street (D)
three numbers on the same horizontal row: 11 to 1
Sixline (E)
a horizontal block of six numbers: 5 to 1
Dozen (F)
(1-12) – (13-24) – (25-36): 2 to 1
Column (Colonne) (G)
a column of twelve numbers: 2 to 1

Simple combinations

Evens or odds (H)
1 to 1
Low (Manque) (I)
(1-18): 1 to 1
High (Passe) (L)
(19-36): 1 to 1
Red or black (M):
1 to 1