The building

An architectural monument.

The new building of the Casinò di Campione d’Italia was born from the project of the architect Mario Botta and was officially opened to the public on 9th of May 2007.

9 floors high and covered in precious Golden Stone, it contains many small worlds: the central heart is the kingdom of slots and gaming tables; going up there is a porch area that opens onto the lake, the panoramic hall of the restaurant and the shows hall. An internal surface of 55,000 square meters dedicated to entertainment with 3 levels of underground parking, 28 lifts and 4 escalators.

Designed to be the icon of fun.

From any point you see it, the seat of the Municipal Casino designed by architect Mario Botta is a beautiful eye-catcher. It’ s a modern and functional building that imposes itself without invading. The external finish, in golden stone slabs, connects the modern twentieth-century fabric of Campione d'Italia with the historic center of the town.

The complex, which is divided into three large volumes, develops internally in large spaces and rooms with attention to the smallest details. The Casino responds to the desire to welcome customers in an even larger, more efficient and comfortable environment. Not only. Here, conventions, congresses or events become truly spectacular.


An almost centennial history.

In 1917, at the height of the World War, the Municipal Casino of Campione d’Italia was opened to disguise an espionage activity. The extra-territoriality and the frivolous climate favored the meetings of the high bureaucracy and the passage of particularly confidential information. The structure was designed by the architect Amerigo Marazzi, while the painter Girolamo Romeo was the author of the interior decorations.

The historical images of the furnishing of the gaming rooms and the restaurant bring to life the atmosphere of the “Belle Epoque”. On July 19, 1919, just two years after the start of the business, the Casino closed its doors to reopen on March 2, 1933.

Since then, the Casino has become a powerful economic engine, equipped for culture (here were held awards ceremonies from the Journalism Awards to the Maschera d'Argento) and events related to the world of entertainment.

The Casino Campione d’Italia reconfirms itself year after year as a beloved destination for VIPs and intellectuals, international stars, fashion shows and concerts ranging from pop music to jazz and rock.

Campione d’Italia

A corner of Italy in the Swiss Confederation.

60 km from Milan, on the shore of Lake Ceresio, surrounded by green and blue, stands Campione d’Italia, the only Italian exclave in Switzerland. The strategic position, the evocative landscape and the attractions of the Casino create magical atmospheres. Campione d'Italia is nature, art, hospitality and above all culture of play and fun, the expression of a tradition that continues to involve and excite.

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