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Game rules.


The maximum number of players is four per table. A player may place his bet on one or several boxes, as long as they are free; by betting on several boxes, only one of these is open (he may see the cards) while the other combinations are blind (the cards are face down until the dealer asks him to expose them).

To be entitled to the cards the player must place an Ante wager and, if he wishes, he may also make an additional bonus bet with which he bets he will have a higher poker combination in his hands.

The dealer deals five cards face down to each player and five cards to himself. By paying an amount equal to the Ante wager, the player may change any number of his cards, or as an alternative, may buy a sixth card; once he has established his hand, he can now decide whether to continue or fold.

If he chooses to continue, he must place a Bet wager exactly twice the Ante wager, otherwise he will lose the whole amount staked. The dealer qualifies if he has at least a hand containing Ace/King or better, therefore:

a. if he qualifies, and the player's hand outranks the dealer’s hand, the dealer will pay the Bet wager but not the Ante wager;
b. if he does not qualify, the Ante wager will only be paid 1 to 1 and the Bet wager will be returned to the player (push).

If a player has a combination of three-of-a-kind or better, he may place a Bet wager, insuring himself against the dealer getting a non-qualifying hand. The minimum insurance is equal to the Ante wager while the maximum can not exceed the maximum potential payout and will be paid even money if the dealer does not qualify.

It is possible for the player to have more than one combination in the same hand, but should he win, he will be paid only the two best combinations, up to the maximum fee established by the Casino.

If the dealer does not qualify, the player may decline the winnings equal to the Ante wager and instead buy, at the same price as the Ante, the dealer's game making him replace the dealer’s highest card. Each player must keep all their cards on the table.

Players are not allowed to discuss their hands nor examine or exchange one another's cards. Any dispute that may arise will be settled without right of appeal by the Gaming Management.