Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Slot Machines.


Casinó Campione d’Italia offers a very wide choice of electronic games on the 1st and 2nd floor with as many as 650 Slot Machines including Video Slots, Video Poker, Multigame and “Last generation ” electronic Roulette also featuring numerous Progressive Jackpots including the Mystery Jackpot.

Here are some examples of the Slot Machines you can play:

  • Golden Games Super Cherry
  • Magic Games HD4
  • Impera Edition 7
  • Impera Link Series
  • Gaminator “My Cash”
  • Novoline Cash Connection
  • Novoline Interactive
  • Superia Cash Connection
  • Xtension Link
  • Gaminator “the Legend”
  • Electronic Roulette
  • Endless Fortune
  • Long and Happy Life
  • Buena Suerte
  • Health Wealth and Happiness
  • Born Free
  • Wizard’s Wand
  • Electric Cash Originals
  • Clover Link
  • Clover Link Xtreme


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