Ultimate Texas Hold’em

American Games

Game rules.


This game is played with a deck of 52 cards shuffled by the steward or by an automatic shuffler after every hand.

The players play against the bank. Players bet on both the “Ante” and “Blind” boxes. They are then dealt two cards face down. Having received their cards the player can then call “Check” and stay in play without betting or stake 3 – 4 times the “Ante” post on the “Play” square. The Croupier then turns over the first three community cards. If up until that moment the player still has not laid a stake on the “Play” square, they can again choose between two alternatives: to call “Check” again or to stake twice the “Ante” post on the “Play” square. The Croupier then turns up the last two community cards.

If the player still hasn’t bet on “Play”, they can do so now with the same stake as the “Ante” post. Alternatively they can “fold”, but if they do they automatically lose all the bets they have laid.

Se il giocatore non ha ancora puntato su Play, può farlo ancora puntando una volta la posta di Ante o Passare, ossia non giocare, perdendo tutte le proprie puntate.

The aim of the hand is to make the best five-card hand from the seven cards available (2 players’ cards and 5 community cards). To qualify to play the Croupier must make at least one pair when the bank’s cards are turned up. If this is the case the croupier forms the bank’s hand.

If the player has a better hand, “Play” and “Ante” bets are paid at 1:1. If the Croupier wins, the “Ante”, “Play” and “Blind” bets are raked in by the bank. If the hands tie, the stakes are left on the box.

The “Blind” is played when the player’s hand wins with at least a Straight. If the winning hand is a combination that is lower than a Straight, the “Blind” is left on the box but is not paid out.

Trips is a bonus bet that players can stake on the “TRIPS” box before the first card is dealt. The bet is paid out for a three of a kind or higher combination, according to the grid on the table.

Progressive Jackpot
To qualify for the progressive jackpot players must stake a 2 CHF chip in the appropriate space in front of them, and make sure the indicator light turns on when the chip has been played.

Players must not show their cards or consult other players. They must also keep their cards clearly in view above the table. Any dispute that may arise will be settled without right of appeal by the Gaming Management.